Why Yoga is Inclusive

If you have scrolled through your social media or tend to follow yoga or fitness influencers, you will probably notice that all of them are either normal weight or “skinny.” The fact that these influencers are our only exposure to yoga has led a lot of people to develop the distorted misconception that yoga is meant only for skinny and able-bodied people. A lot of people that are above normal weight do not want to go to yoga studios because they do not feel welcome. This is an unfortunate reality that we have to accept if we want to move forward and change this perception. If you are a yoga practitioner or you are looking to gain more experience and certification working with diverse populations, you can check out programs offered by the YTT Yoga School.

Yoga is a practice that can be traced back to hundreds if not, thousands of years. Yoga originated in India, and it has been a part of their daily life for a long time. If you go to India, you will find people of all ages, heights, sizes, and body types doing yoga without issues. Contrary to popular belief, even plus-sized people can do yoga safely and properly if they are being taught by a good instructor. So, this misconception is pretty new thanks to social media and our very limited exposure to westernized yoga. Yoga is a practice for both the mind and the body, so it does not matter what you weigh because there are so many different types of yoga that anyone can get into it without issue. It is just a matter of finding the time and the right instructor, and if you want, you can become that instructor for other people and help them realize that yoga has always been pretty inclusive.