Why The SigurRos Band is Loved By Many People

Listening to the Sigur Rod band live is like a dream come true. You might have difficulty understanding their lyrics, but the music and ambiance it creates resonates through your soul, and that’s its sole purpose. The band has its own music identity as they touch rock and electronica but use both of them in their unique way to entertain you.

When you’re at a live performance of SigurRos, you’ll see that they use different elements of the stage to create a great environment. They use lighting brilliantly to decorate their stage, and to develop the right themes for their performances.

In addition to using modern medical equipment, the band also uses classical instruments to their benefit. Every band member has his own unique identity, and uses his own set of classical instruments to give a great performance.

By using unclear lyrics, the band forces you to create your own view of their music and work. They even release untitled albums and songs. Buying a Sigur Ros band album is just like buying a blank textbook. You can enjoy the music as you like and enjoy the experience.

Facts AboutSigurRos

The name of the SigurRos band comes from Jonsi’s younger sister’s name. That’s because she was born around the same time the band was made.

Moreover, the band has refused to play in the late show with Letterman because of the 3-4 minute time limit given to them. Their songs are usually 7-8 minutes long.

One of their albums sold 16,000 copies in Iceland. This might not look like a lot of copies, but keep in mind that the total population of Iceland is around 300,000. When you do the maths, this counts equivalent to selling 16 million copies in the US.