One stop solution for buying and selling a house

There’s a reason the purchase or sale of a home, is said to be the most tedious transaction of a person’s life. It isn’t simple grocery shopping, that one may just go out and about for a stroll and come back with whatever they feel like. In order to buy your own home, it takes a lot of blood sweat and tears. People invest their entire lives, simply to be able to afford the home of their dreams. Even selling a home is no small feat. Your home contains a plethora of memories and you want to make sure it is handed over to someone who can cherish it the same way you did. This is why people often prefer to list their homes on websites such as

What is the benefit of listing your home on a website instead of going with a broker?

When it comes to the traditional route, one usually pays a visit to a broker, lists their home for sale with them and gets them to find them buyers for the same. In the case of buying a home, a couple or an individual visits a broker and lists themselves with the broker, who then shows you the houses listed with him. He/ she also acts as the common point during negotiations. Needless to say that this scope of negotiation is extremely limited. A broker is able to present you with only those many options that are listed with him/her. The options presented to you, thus get extremely limited. However when it comes to online selling websites, you get hundred times more options because it does not require a broker. Not only this but a majority of such links do not even charge a brokerage fee and hence are preferred by many I’mover the traditional physical realtor route.

While many people still prefer to enlist their home with a physical broker, simply because it provides them with a sense of reassurance, they have someone to hold accountable if anything goes sideways. However this does not undermine the fact that today, the popularity of online realtors is on the rise.