Cleveland Ohio Electricity Rates Will Double This Month

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CLEVELAND, Ohio – Some Cleveland residents have been told their electricity rates are going to double this month. Fortunately, consumers have a choice in how they purchase their energy. Thanks to the power of deregulation, Cleveland and many other Ohio cities have access to competitive suppliers that offer Ohio electricity plans at much lower prices than their local utility. WOIO’s Dave Schilling has more.

The good news is, switching to an alternative supplier is simple. Your local electric company will still be responsible for delivering electricity and maintaining your meter, the only difference is that you’ll now receive a bill with charges from a different retail electricity supply provider. Ohio’s deregulated energy market is currently home to more than 80 energy supply companies that buy power from local generators and sell it to customers like you. Most of these companies have several plan options, similar to how internet providers offer multiple Wi-Fi speeds at varying monthly prices.

If you’re an existing DP&L, EO&E or the Illuminating Company customer, you can easily shop for a new Ohio electricity rate by entering your zip code at apples to apples. The website will show you current offers from a variety of approved electricity supply providers. You’ll be able to compare plan terms, prices and other details. It is also recommended to carefully read the Term & Conditions and Contract Summary of any plan you are considering. There are some electricity suppliers that charge early termination fees if you change your plan before the contract expires.

You can also find information on how your city generates its electricity, where the electricity comes from and what impacts Ohio’s current energy prices at the Apples to Apples website. The site also provides helpful resources for natural gas, another deregulated product that you may be purchasing from a private supplier.

Consumers can also get a feel for how their local energy costs are changing by using the price history tool located on the Apples to Apples website. It shows historical prices from a wide range of retailers that serve your community, as well as the local PUCO-approved price to compare (PTC) rate for Toledo Edison. The PTC rate is a pass-through rate that reflects the actual cost toledo edison pays for generation supply and can vary seasonally.

The Apples to Apples website is a valuable resource for all Ohio energy consumers. It not only provides information on the various options available for ohio electricity, but it also helps to educate consumers on how to navigate their local markets and make informed decisions. It also explains important things to keep in mind, including customer rights and how to file a complaint or dispute. In addition, the website provides a list of certified electric suppliers and detailed steps on how to switch providers. If you have questions about the site or any of its resources, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We’re here to help!