Cleaning Of Aeraulic Ducts

Cleaning Of Aeraulic Ducts

These systems introduce air into the environment in which we find ourselves, through the aeraulic ducts: if the aeraulic ducts  they pass through are not clean and sanitized, they can be an ideal environment for the development of pathogens that can cause various diseases hvac sunnyvale. So it is of fundamental importance to keep them clean in order to keep the environment in which we live healthy!

The Damage Of Contaminantshvac sunnyvaleThe contaminants present in the air of closed workplaces, bioaerosols , are often associated with the onset of a symptomatology that goes under the name of ” Sick Building Syndrome” : those affected can suffer from sore head, respiratory tract irritation, burning eyes and skin irritation.

In general, it is sufficient to remove them from the infected place for the symptoms to disappear.

The sick building is generally linked to problems deriving from the lack of maintenance of the air conditioning and thermoventilation systems: this is why it is important to always keep the ducts of these air treatment systems clean and sanitized!

However, the symptoms of a sick building are not always resolvable simply by removing the subject from the polluted place: there are in fact more serious cases where the failure to clean the aeraulic ducts can lead to much more serious diseases, such as legionella. The bacteria from this disease can cause severe and sometimes fatal pneumonia!

We Keep The Air Ducts Clean

Before answering this question, let’s see which aeraulic systems are that it is necessary to always keep clean and sanitized , here are the main ones:

air conditioning systems;

thermoventilation systems;

ventilation systems.